What is the Best Totally Balanced Multivitamin Supplement?

What is the Best Totally Balanced Multivitamin Supplement?

The best totally balanced multivitamin supplements are those that address the causes of cellular aging and age-related diseases. We often take vitamins to enjoy the short-term benefits of increased energy or improved mood. But, it is the long-term benefits that really make a supplement worth taking.

Heart disease, stroke and cancer are killers. The damage that causes those diseases does not occur overnight in most cases. It is a long process that involves damage to cellular membranes and mutation of DNA strands.

The mutation of cellular DNA can lead to the formation of a cancerous growth or simply cause the death of a cell. The things that lead to DNA mutation include free radical damage, glycation and inflammation.

Research indicates that compounds present in our daily diets can either contribute to long-term health problems or help prevent them. Obviously, our goal should be to prevent them.

You have probably heard a lot about free radical damage. Antioxidants prevent and repair this kind of damage. They are cheap and readily available. So, the big vitamin companies spend a lot of their advertising dollars informing people about free radical damage.

The best totally balanced multivitamin supplements contain better, more potent antioxidants than what you could find in your local drugstore. One example is l-glutathione. Few supplement manufacturers provide l-glutathione. There are two reasons they avoid the ingredient, both have to do with cost.

In order for glutathione to pass through the intestinal walls and into the bloodstream, the molecules must be “reduced” in size. The reduced form of glutathione costs more than common antioxidants like the vitamins A and E.

The second reason that manufacturers avoid glutathione is because it must be protected by an enteric coating. Otherwise, it will be changed by stomach acid and become ineffective.

Only the best totally balanced multivitamin supplements have an enteric coating. Cheap vitamins do not.

Glycation made the news recently, because researchers have learned that it causes wrinkles. Actually it is advanced glycation end-products or AGEs that do the damage. AGEs play a role in type II diabetes, insulin resistance, Alzheimer’s and many other diseases. They may be involved in obesity, as well.

The only nutrient that is known to prevent best mood supplement glycation is carnosine. It’s another ingredient that you won’t find in the drugstore brands. But, the best totally balanced multivitamin supplements contain it.

Chronic inflammation is something that doesn’t get too much press. Researchers say that it plays a role in obesity, heart disease and cancer. It is known to be involved in arthritis, bowel diseases, allergies, asthma and lupus, among others.

Anti-inflammatory drugs are not effective against this kind of inflammation. They could actually make it worse and they cause damage to the liver.

Researchers suggest that we can reduce our risk of diseases caused by chronic inflammation by including more natural anti-inflammatories in our diet. Alpha lipoic acid, curcumin and resveratrol are some of the better natural anti-inflammatories.

Vitamins, minerals, dietary enzymes and co-factors are also necessary. All in all 75-85 different nutrients are needed on a daily basis to insure your total health and wellness. That’s how many you’ll find in the best totally balanced multivitamin supplements.

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