Reasons to Choose a Burr Coffee Grinder

Most people who have to choose between a blade and conical burr coffee grinder will typically choose the blade grinder due to the difference in cost. However, if they do their research and find out the many reasons they should opt for the conical burr coffee grinder they will usually spend the extra money to insure they get a better quality grinder.

The number one trait that a conical type of burr grinder offers is the ability to produce the same grind every time no matter how often the grinder is used. This is because the conical burr grinders have settings that determine what type of grind is produced. If a coarse grind is needed the setting for coarse is used and the coffee will consistently be coarse. This is an important feature, particularly when a coffee maker calls for a certain grind.

Conical burr grinders do not heat the coffee beans. While this might not sound important, anyone who has ever tasted scorched coffee knows that it is an unpleasant taste. Blade grinders become hot due to the high speed rotation of the blades. These blades are in constant contact with the coffee beans and are easily scorched. Using a conical burr grinder prevents this from happening.

Conical burr grinders are easy to clean using a brush to wipe the wheels of the grinder. This is a little more work than the blade grinders but is worth the few extra minutes it takes to get them clean in exchange for the high quality coffee grind it produces.

Conical burr grinders are the same types of mixer grinder coffee grinders used in coffee shops where the grind has to be consistent and perfect every time in order to make the coffee precise on a daily basis. Families and homes that can purchase a conical burr grinder will find that they will not have to replace it like they will the less expensive blade grinders. The blade grinder, while costing much less initially can wind up costing much more in the end due to having to be replaced. The cost of the coffee can also wind up being more when the coffee has to be thrown away due to being scorched during the grinding process.

Choosing a burr coffee grinder is a wise choice that pays off over time in quality, consistent coffee grinds. Knowing that every pot of coffee ground is the same as the one before takes the worry out of serving coffee to friends and family. Conical burr grinders provide that peace of mind along with a consistent coffee.



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