Reaching the Right Intonation Through Guitar Bridge Adjustment

Setting the right intonation depends on the guitar bridge adjustment. The bridge is placed on the saddle with two screws on ends. Tighten the saddle screw and the bridge will rise, loosening it will lower the bridge. This adjustment alters the guitar’s string length. This movement opens the strings and tunes the harmonics.

You will require a small screw driver and an electronic tuner for this purpose. Begin with locating the saddle screw on your electronic guitar. These are generally two small screws on the end of the saddle.

Choose the string you wish to start with, and play the twelfth fret harmonic on it. Use a tuner to assess whether the note being played is sharp or flat.guitar tremolo

If the notes are sharp then the string is short, the saddle needs to be moved back towards the base of the bridge. This will increase the length of the string. With a screw driver, rotate the saddle screw clockwise to a fraction of an inch. Now tune the string and check the harmonic again with the electronic tuner.

In case the harmonic note is flat, the saddle has to be pushed forward, thereby shortening the length of the string. This can be done by rotating the saddle screw anti clockwise to a fraction of an inch. Check the sound with the tuner and keep adjusting till you get the desired harmonic.

Repeat the process for each string of the guitar, till all of them are tuned to perfection.
Care should be taken while making the guitar bridge adjustment, because if the saddle moves too low, the string will rattle against certain frets causing a buzzing sound.

This can generally be rectified by slightly raising the saddle, but if the saddle goes very low, the frets will required to be filed. Filing frets can only be done by a qualified technician. Adjusting the bridge of the guitar is quite like adjusting the spokes of a bike once you begin there is no looking back, so start only if you are confident.




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