Neon lights corridors laboratories lobbies, empty because it is so late. Thinking funny like you pour something more of this instead of that, what would happen in these next five minutes – which you currently need to the last second, actually, waiting for a set of diagrams to get their final shape from out of the printing device. You oh so much hope them to look reasonable, like if the molecules that you are cooking were ever meant to save your own life that one day.

Or else: Girlfriend, she is chatting live from back in Country XY, sporting confidence on the monitor @ slot #23 in the Internet Shop. We must get her moved fly her here. While she writes into pop-up window left, we look for jobs on browser window right. A list of openings, a list of empty rooms to let, telephone numbers, contact persons, send everything to printer and tighten the scarf, as if grasping on that paper alone would already be a preliminary accomplishment of some kind.

Or else: We rent a car and do not know why. Paperwork is unsettlingly difficult, letters are lines and dots, never seen before. Hands scuttle like fleshy spiders with own will. The morning light goes out in a shot, clouds thickening around the glass booth. This is so thin this will crack. But the clerk does not believe in tragedies, she wants our license Xeroxed.

Whatever occurs and whatever its stage, plans and blueprints can always collide with given knowledge, technology baseline or contextual reality.

If such collisions break the flow, plans and blueprints can only be finalized by means of black boxes, namely things or devices or people or living beings in the most general sense, currently unknown/unavailable, that are expected or requested to do things or cover tasks allowing for a certain result to be accomplished, for a certain loop to close.

As such, black boxes are functional positions, i.e. they borrow a peculiar charge of meaning from the design that they belong to. Nevertheless, they are also inherently inaccessible. Their “elusivity” is all but a mystery all along the process, but that is usually silently accepted and that kind of acceptance resembles an act of Surrender: Planners, designers, decision makers and living beings in the most general sense, they would all be ready to <concede> that there are some inaccessible black positions to deal with, in order to be able to <affirm> that a certain plan or design or intention is good enough and that we can all stick to that because it will work.

So much so that, in the end, plans and blueprints are put black on white.

But that is more of a Putting the White on Black and let the latter shine through. And that is because, in the very moment that trust or faith are willingly exercised, there is so overwhelmingly much obscure matter to handle, all over and everywhere. Thus once on paper, those same plans or designs or intentions feel indeed kind of shaky and increasingly so with time, for they lastly hold on a sunken inert Unknown – things or devices or people or other living beings or the dead ones and their ghosts and remembrances –

Black Positions that might be different or do differently or just never be at hand.

Still, such black positions are so hefty and firm that the whole construct, meaning, the entire chain upstream, the belief before the will before the intention and scope preceding the planning stage, as well as the whole down-river, meaning, all measures and means for implementing the plan / everything is ultimately forced to insist on their assumed, obscure and yet so very substantial presence.

It is legitimate to argue that all conscious attempts or the living beings are actually just as shaky / at least as much as their presumed foundations are, beforehand, i.e. before ideas or conceptions start piling up on them. But inasmuch as desires or preferences, plus practices, originate from diagonal puzzles of necessity and misunderstandings, a fundamental correlation constantly applies, namely that the shakier the foundations are the more adamant and stiff the Black Positions need to be, allowing for further life to happen as they emerge from the vast and rocky blackness in the backdrop.

Prior to being pieces, Black Positions could be an invitation to try putting things black on white yourself. Very tangibly so: Download them from here, print or copy one and maybe invest some seconds to compare if the now-quite-visible black intrusion feels more concrete than whatever else you were previously on.

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